Phot-R® Clamp & Flex Arm with C-Clamp

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The Phot-R® Clamp & Flex Arm with C-Clamp will clamp on to virtually anything in your photo studio to provide you with flexibility to mount your camera or accessories wherever you need them most. You can use it to clamp on to light stands, background supports, boom arms and any other location you can think of. This is a clamp with a C-Clamp attached together by a flexible metal arm.

The metal framed clips holder is has strong spring built inside, ideally suitable for collapsible reflectors, backdrops, and other small studio accessories. This C-Clamp can lock on most of light stand, tripod and tubes, up to 4cm diameter. It also features rubber pads to protect your studio equipment. The clamp holder has a maximum opening of 5.4cm (approximately).

Has a flexible arm length of 50cm that allows you to position and direct the equipment any way you wish.

  • Arm Length: 50cm
  • Spring Clamp Opening: Approx Up to 5.4cm
  • Length: 58cm 
  • Material: Aluminium 

Phot-R® products come with a 1 year limited warranty.