Phot-R® Cotton Muslin Backdrop (1.8 x 3m, Green)

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The Phot-R® 1.8 x 3m Cotton Muslin Backdrop - Green is a professional quality seamless 100% cotton muslin backdrop where all the edges are hemmed to prevent fraying and there is a large pocket along one edge for easy mounting onto a background support stand.

This backdrop is is also large enough to shoot full portrait shots of a single person and can provide a full background for a variety of poses. The backdrop is the ideal size for full body shots and large product shots and the cloth can be back or front lit to achieve a variety of effects. The backdrop is perfect for item or product photography as well, to help market your own business, for example cakes, products, parts, electronics, generally selling items or for personal use.

Muslin backdrops absorb the light and help eliminate reflections. The well-proportioned muslin grain, filtrates other colours or lights. The backdrop has great colour saturation, it never fades and is very easy to store and wash.

  • You can set up your very own photo studio at home or in the office within minutes. Suitable for all level photographers from amateurs to professionals. It is large enough for most photographic occasions such as shoots for full portrait shots of small groups of people, web retailers and commercial product catalogue
  • This Backdrop is made from 100% Cotton Muslin making it very easy to iron and also allows you to machine wash in cold water. It absorbs the light and helps eliminate reflections. The well-proportioned cotton grain filtrates other colours or lights. 
  • Backdrop has a large pocket along the top edge so you can mount it onto any background support stand. The seamless surface of the backdrop helps to soak up all the light without causing a reflection.
  • To remove any dirt, use a damp cloth and to get rid of any creases you can iron the backdrop when using the lowest setting and a damp cloth between the backdrop and iron.

Please Note: Background Stand is NOT included.

Phot-R®® products come with a 1-year limited warranty.