Phot-R® 77mm Flower Petal Screw-On Lens Hood

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The Phot-R® 77mm Flower Petal Screw-On Lens Hood helps to improve the versatility of your camera lens with this 77mm Camera Lens Hood. The ‘flower petal’ shaped lens hood allows wider shooting angle than an ordinary round hood.

Also the lens hood enables you to shoot while facing the light source and stops the light from coming into the lens at extreme angles and being reflected inside the lens. It effectively eliminates unwanted flare.

Protects lens from scratches and impacts.
You can use lens cap and filter with the hood on a lens
Make your photos with richer colours and deeper saturation
Flower shaped design reduces vignetting effect
Protect your lens from minor impact
Twist-lock mounting for extra security

Colour: Black
Thread Size (mm): 77

Phot-R® Products come with 1 year limited Phot-R® warranty.