Phot-R® Professional 3-in-1 Camera Lens Cleaning Kit

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The Phot-R® Professional 3-in-1 Cleaning Kit consisting of a Hurricane Blower, Microfibre Cloth and a Lens Cleaning Pen, to keep your camera, sensor and lenses clean.

Hurricane Blower
Will safely clear dust from your sensor and is a brilliant cleaning accessory to have in your camera bag. It works fantastically well for removing dust specks off lenses, sensors and SLR mirrors without touching/damaging the surfaces. It fits comfortably in your hand and delivers a strong blast of air as it cleans. When the cleaning cycle is completed, the strongly constructed rubber bulb refills very quickly and is ready for another blast of air. The unit is resistant to temperature swings making it a viable tool in all kinds of climates.

Lens Cleaning Pen
Is an essential 2 in 1 accessory for removing dust, smudges and oily finger prints from your lenses. Firstly remove the dust from your lens using the retractable lens cleaning brush made from soft bristles then use change over to the opposite side of the pen where the tip contains a special non-liquid compound to clean your lens. Simply apply gentle pressure on the lens using a circular motions, to instantly remove any marks or smudges on your lens.

Microfibre Cloth
Which is safe to use on all surfaces such as Digital Camera Housings, Camcorders, Mobile Phones, CD's/DVD's, and is ideal for cleaning your camera body and LCD screen.

  • Whether you're an aspiring or professional photographer or anyone that has lenses or filters to clean then look no further than this Phot-R 3-in-1 Cleaning Kit. Ideal for cleaning DSLR camera, video camera or camcorder lenses, and more.
  • Suitable for cleaning all glass, plastic or multicoated optical lenses; this cleaning kit can prolong the life of your equipment and ensure continued high quality photography.
  • Cleaning kit provides all the tools you need to maintain your precious camera equipment. All the tools included are useful and compact to allow you to easily carry them in your camera bag.
  • Double sided lens cleaning pen in one features a dust removal brush on one side and a special non-liquid cleaning element on the other side which is designed to never dry out.
  • Hurricane Blower works fantastically well for removing dust specks off lenses, sensors and SLR mirrors without touching/damaging the surfaces.


  • Hurricane Blower Material:Non-Toxic Rubber and Plastic
  • Lens Cleaning Pen Cleaning-Tip Shape: Round, Concave
  • Microfibre Cleaning Cloth Size:13.5x14.5cm
  • Lens Cleaning Pen Non-Toxic Cleaning Compound: Will not spill or dry up - no sprays, chemicals, liquid or residue


  • 1x Hurricane Blower
  • 1x Lens Cleaning Pen
  • Microfibre Cloth