Phot-R® Studio Clamp with C Clamp

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This Phot-R® C-Clamp with spring clip holder has many different applications within the studio. The C-clamp can be attached to light stands, crossbars, autopoles or a shooting table, with the aid of a sturdy screw coupling mechanism.

The metal framed clips holder is has strong spring built inside, ideally suitable for collapsible reflectors, backdrops, and other small studio accessories. This C-Clamp can lock on most of light stand, tripod and tubes, up to 4cm diameter. It also features rubber pads to protect your studio equipment. The clamp holder has a maximum opening of 5.4cm (approximately).

Dimensions: 9.2cm x 8.0cm x 4.6cm
Material: Metal Frame, Rubber Pads
Spring Clamp Opening: Approx Up to 5.4cm
Compatible Stand Tube: Up to 4cm Diameter Stand Tube

Phot-R products come with a 1 year limited warranty.