Phot-R® Super Clamp with 5/8" Stud/Spigot

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The Phot-R® Super Clamp with Ratchet Handle is a versatile grip tool made of lightweight cast alloy. The clamp can hold a wide variety of items such as cameras, lights, umbrellas, hooks, shelves, plate glass, cross bars, even other Super Clamps.

The Super Clamp can be securely mounted on any tube or pipe from 0.5" to 2.1" and is supplied with a wedge insert for clamping onto flat surfaces. The ratchet handle allows you to disengage it and tighten it down from any angle; a very handy feature when you're using the clamp in tight quarters. A built-in 5/8" stud which has a 1/4" screw.

Phot-R® products come with a 1-year limited warranty.