Phot-R® 20" Translucent/White Collapsible Umbrella

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Diffuse and Soften Harsh Light
This Phot-R 20" Translucent Studio Umbrella is a great portable way to really soften light from a flash or strobe. In addition, it can be used as a bounce light source. Out of all the coloured bounce umbrella's, this one will produce an image with the least contrast and the softest light because the majority of hard light is eaten up in the white slightly reflective material.

Quick Set up and Tear Down
For any on-location photographer, umbrellas are a great choice as they set up and tear down in seconds.

7mm Tip
The shaft is finished off with a 7mm tapered tip allowing for use in conjunction with many European and speciality lights on the market. Some of these lights have a 7mm catch pin making them difficult to find modifiers that will work with them correctly. Our catch pin insures a perfect fit with almost all of the most popular lights.

Durable Fabrics
Our fabrics are produced using high quality materials.

All specifications & measurements are approximate and can change without notice.

Phot-R® products come with a 1-year limited warranty.